University of Victoria
Optical Society

Executive Duties

The executive duties are listed here, but officially they are listed under the organizations by-law's found at:

SPIE By-law's
OSA By-law's


The President, as Chief Executive of the Chapter, shall supervise the Chapter’s affairs and activities. The President is the executive, administrative, presiding and reporting officer. The President shall be responsible for public relations, publicity and promotion of the Chapter’s activities, and shall assume all other executive duties not otherwise delegated.

In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside at meetings and perform all other functions of the President. The Vice President’s primary responsibility will be program planning and execution.

The Secretary shall keep a permanent record of all meetings and activities of the Chapter. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a current roster of members and for timely communications with SPIE Headquarters.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial records of the organization, for the disbursement of funds at the direction of the membership (by vote) and with the approval of the Faculty Advisor, and for reporting in detail when requested by the membership. Income may be received through Chapter dues and through income-producing functions approved by the membership, Faculty Advisor, and the Executive Director of SPIE acting under the direction of the Society’s Treasurer.


President — To run meetings in an orderly fashion, to make necessary decisions, and to represent and be responsible for the chapter’s activities.

Vice President — To assist the President and to serve in his/her absence. To assist with the execution of chapter activities.

Treasurer — To be responsible for the financial activities of the chapter including the collection of chapter dues and the management of incoming funds and payments and maintain a record of the income and expenses of the chapter.

Secretary — To take minutes during all chapter meetings. To maintain communications with the OSA national organization including the submission of the chapter’s Annual Report.