University of Victoria
Optical Society

Invited Lecturers

Oct 29, 2013Dr. Andrea ArmaniIntegrated Photonics for Exploring Biological Systems
Nov 22, 2013Dr. Sang Hyun OhUltra-flat and Ultra-small: New Approaches to Nanofabrication with Applications to Biosensors and Spectroscopy
Sept 9, 2014Dr. Dai-Sik KimHow Quantum Mechanics May Help Enhance Molecular Cross Sections
Oct 27, 2014Dr. Frank VollmerTaking Detection to the Limit: Monitoring Single Molecules with Optical Microcavities
Dec 4, 2015Dr. Federico Rosei1) Multifunctional Materials for Electronics and Photonics
2) Survival Skills for Scientists
July 21, 2016Dr. Mikhail KatsTunable Optical Components in the Mid-IR
March 20, 2017Dr. Rick TrebinoUltrafast Measurement Technology

Co-sponsored Lecturers

April 9, 2015Dr. Peter ReeceOptical Trapping and Nanotechnology: New Opportunities for Nanoscale Sensing
April 10, 2015Dr. Steven NealeOptoelectronic Tweezers; from Micromanipulation to Macroscopic Applications