University of Victoria
Optical Society

Invited Lecturers

Oct 29, 2013Dr. Andrea ArmaniIntegrated Photonics for Exploring Biological Systems
Nov 22, 2013Dr. Sang Hyun OhUltra-flat and Ultra-small: New Approaches to Nanofabrication with Applications to Biosensors and Spectroscopy
Sept 9, 2014Dr. Dai-Sik KimHow Quantum Mechanics May Help Enhance Molecular Cross Sections
Oct 27, 2014Dr. Frank VollmerTaking Detection to the Limit: Monitoring Single Molecules with Optical Microcavities
Dec 4, 2015Dr. Federico Rosei1) Multifunctional Materials for Electronics and Photonics
2) Survival Skills for Scientists
Jan 6, 2016Dr. Barmak HeshmatUltrafast Imaging: Introduction and Emerging Trends
Jan 12, 2016Dr. Peter PauzauskieLaser Refrigeration of Physiological Buffers with Solid State Nanocrystals
May 10, 2016Dr. Jer-Shing HuangPlasmonics for Enhancing Nanoscale Light-Matter Interaction: Applications in Optical Manipulation and Chiral Analysis
July 21, 2016Dr. Mikhail KatsTunable Optical Components in the Mid-IR
March 20, 2017Dr. Rick TrebinoUltrafast Measurement Technology

Co-sponsored Lecturers

April 9, 2015Dr. Peter ReeceOptical Trapping and Nanotechnology: New Opportunities for Nanoscale Sensing
April 10, 2015Dr. Steven NealeOptoelectronic Tweezers; from Micromanipulation to Macroscopic Applications